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A simple analysis of the optical axis

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Axis is one of the important parts of mechanical transmission, because it ultra-low noise, long life, durable, and high reliability, it is widely used in various mechanical industries. It has a role in guiding the Sliding Bearings, linear motion products can implement.

Linear motion system requirements necessary conditions: simple design, best execution, low maintenance cost, durable material, high frequency heat treatment, the exact outer diameter, straightness, roundness and surface treatment, etc. .

A simple analysis of the optical axis

Linear Axis is divided into ordinary linear optical Axis, linear Axis chrome, chrome straight shaft, hollow shaft chrome, stainless steel linear Axis. Different linear Axis, has its own characteristics, under certain circumstances and requirements, to use a different Axis, to properly use them, we must know their strengths and weaknesses in order to make better use of the optical Axis.