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Linear Bearings

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Bearing in industrial use is quite extensive , but the role is also very large, are not missing many occasions , I believe that we all know, it is because of this , the Bearings became the most popular industrial products. But for this area is not very understanding friend might not quite clear what this linear Bearings are you following on from our Well Precision Co., do a presentation for everyone .

In fact, the linear Bearing is a linear motion system, and are basically low-cost production , primarily for unlimited travel with the cylinder Axis . As the load point contact Ball Bearing , so use a small load, minimal friction Ball rotation , which can get smooth movement precision . Linear Bearings linear Bearings metal and plastic linear Bearings of the points above we introduce is a metal linear Bearings, linear Bearings and then the plastic is how does it work?

Linear Bearings

In fact, plastic linear Bearings are self-lubricating properties of a linear motion system , the biggest difference between plastic and metal linear Bearings linear Bearings linear Bearings is that plastic Sliding friction between the Bearing surface contact with the cylinder Axis , so this is suitable for high payload low-speed movement. The linear Bearing metal is just the opposite , because it is the rolling friction between the Bearing and the shaft is the point of contact with the cylinder , so this is suitable for low load high-speed motion .

Overall speaking , in fact, linear Bearings is used in conjunction with hardened linear shaft , linear motion system for unlimited . In a straight line , the minimum friction , high precision, fast movement , these advantages can not be replaced by other products . But because the linear Ball Bearing and hardened shaft load because it is the point of contact, so the allowable load is small, but this does not affect the normal operation of its functions.