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The Development Status and Trends of the bearing industry

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Bearings are an essential industrial spare parts, there is a lot of mechanical Bearings which are an important part , the lack of even one Bearing a high-tech machinery and then also not functioning properly , Bearing a large role in the visible . Is because the use of very broad Bearing , so the industry has become very popular , a lot of friends want to join this industry did not know there were flower head , then the status quo and development trend of the Bearing industry , what is it ?

According to experts , at present, China's Bearing industry has a considerable scale, we yield 11 billion sets of Bearings , main business income of 92 billion yuan . In the " Twelfth Five -Year" period , the focus of development is to significantly improve product quality and technical level and increase focus on supporting the Bearing host market share , the high speed passenger trains Bearing , high-power wind power Bearing , high-end cars Bearing , precision CNC machine tool spindle Bearings, Bearings and other large aircraft market into high-end Bearings . To further practice the scientific concept of development , and increase technological innovation, technology research efforts , go introduce - digestion and absorption - another innovative way.

Bearing in this industry , a lot of people said is very competitive , and are now starting to decline again , some companies have faced this dilemma , it is no longer necessary to join . But the same thing , benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom, some people Yuecuoyueyong , competition is the driving force , could be developed , linear Bearings industry is true.