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The optical axis of the working principle and purpose

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Well Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of best manufacturer of bearings in China.

Our company is professionally produced Ball screw,linear guide,ball screw support,ball screw nut bracket,Motor bracket ,Coupling ,Round linear guide ,Linear shaft ,Shaft supportSlide blockLinear bearing,Wheel and pin bearing ,Rod end bearing,Motor & Drive And High Precision worktable so on . may not be in this industry who are not very clear what is the optical Axis , is not very clear in its work principles and purposes. So here we take a look at what is the optical Axis and the Axis of the working principle and use it.

Well Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd

Before we understand the purpose of the first Axis is the Axis of symmetry Axis of what is the center line beam ( beam ) or optical system. Beam rotates around the Axis , there should be no change in optical characteristics . However, when the light from a particular direction through a non- homogeneous body gems, birefringence phenomenon does not occur , this particular direction is the gem of the optical Axis.

Furthermore , there are many types of optical Axis , because, according to different uses , but also the optical Axis can be divided into many types . Linear optical Axis of the types include ordinary linear optical Axis, linear Axis chrome , chrome straight shaft , stainless steel linear shaft , chrome-plated hollow shaft . Resistance cutting machine, aviation equipment , production lines , high-speed Ball , drilling equipment , aviation equipment and so on.

As for the use of the optical Axis , the most important is in the aerospace , aviation optical system , after all, aviation is no fixed orbit , the difficulty is far greater than your run of the land transport , so for precision machinery equipment requirements are very high , and therefore will use the latest and most advanced equipment , and the optical Axis is one of them , which is to simplify the operation , one of the integral parts conducive to running .