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What you need to know to specify ball screw jacks in industrial applications

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Ball Screw Jacks are rated based on their static thrust capacity from 1-ton to 50-tons. But the selection of the best jack for the application requires further consideration.

When jacks are loaded in compression one must consider the load carrying capacity of the lifting screw (column load). How high do you need to lift the load? Choose a jack whose lifting screw is stout enough to handle the load at full rise.

Consider the travel speed of the DYNAMIC load. The speed at which the load will be moved is a limiting factor. How fast do you need to move the load? Sometimes high lead ball screw jacks or bevel ball actuators are a better choice in a given application.

How frequently will the jack need to move the load? Ball screw jacks are much more efficient than machine screw jacks, so heat is less of a factor in their operation, yet cycles for ball screw jacks must include some periods of rest.

You can choose a ball screw jack that meets specific life requirements. A calculated ball nut life (in inches) can be established for ball screw jacks based on the load, and duty cycle. Use the JAX® Online software to determine this.

Once loads, duty cycles, and travel speeds are established, designers must select which jack design to use.

Translating Design Jacks are most often selected. With this design, a driven input worm acts on an internal worm gear causing the lifting screw to extend or retract. Operation requires that rotation of the lifting screw be prevented. This rotation it restrained whenever two or more jacks are tied to the same load.

Ball screw jacks cannot be keyed for non-rotation the same way that machine screw jacks are keyed. Contact Joyce for a design solution if you need a keyed ball screw jack.

Keyed for Traveling Nut Design (KFTN) jacks are another option. These jacks have a fixed length lifting screw that rotates. Loads are attached to a flanged “traveling” ball nut that translates up and down the length of the rotating screw. This type of jack is ideal for applications that cannot accommodate a screw protection tube or that require a flush mount.